Adding my tool to the toolbar - Blender 2.80


I am reworking my FastScale addon for 2.80, and would like to add my tool to the left toolbar as a subtool of the Scale tool (using the same icon). Can anyone point me into the right direction?

EDIT : I just finished porting the addon to 2.80, but with button in its own panel, like in 2.7x version. Still wondering how to register as an active tool and appear in the toolbar…

EDIT : I am doing more research; it seems to be propably impossible, can someone confirm this?

I’m really late seeing this. Have you already solved this problem, or do you still need help? I can give some tips if still needed.

If there would be a way? I’m referring to the toolbar left with the icon-driven tools.

Yes this is doable, see the templates.


In the scripting tab (where you have : layout, sculpting, …) , Templates -> Python -> UI Tool simple. I think this one could help you.

Did you figure it out in the end?