Adding new faces to the existing UV map

Hi Blenderartists, new to Blender - so far loving it.

So, I modeled a house thinking ahead of everything needed for the mapping and it worked pretty well, the house and all of its decorations, wooden parts, plasters etc are mapped perfectly.

After that I wanted to add a hanging wooden sign to the side so I quickly modeled one as a part of the same house object, marked the seams, selected the sign and unwrapped. It now shows up in UV editor as unwrapped island with the others, but on viewport the sign is not texture mapped even if I move the island on top of other maps.

Do I have to link it somehow or how do I get it to map to the existing texture?

Sounds like you are using Blender Internal and are in shaded solid mode. If my suggestion is right, then you have to select your newly created faces and assign your map to them in UV/Image editor.
If i’m wrong and you are using Cycles and are in textured/material mode, then, may be, you haven’t assigned proper material to new faces?
Anyway, it’s hard to say without screenshot at least. =)

Problem solved.

Tried it again with a new object and now the unwrapped part became a part of the old UV map as soon as I selected it from the image dropdown menu, like it’s supposed to.

Now, if just I knew what went wrong the first time around I’d be much wiser…