adding noise vertex positions

I need to ‘jiggle’ some selected vertices around to give a kind of warped look.

(its low poly so cannot be generating any extra faces)

In my previous modeller there was a ‘add vertex noise’ and an amount. the amount then randomized the vertex positions from their existing pos to that amount in XY&Z

I cant seem to find anything to do this…

Here is one way: add a texture to your mesh’s material, perhaps Distorted Noise/Voronoi Crackle. You can turn off all its attributes in Map To tab if you want.

In Edit mode, select all vertices, then click the Noise button in F9->Mesh Tools panel. This displaces vertices based on the underlying texture. Instead of selecting all vertices, you could do Select Menu->Random to act on a subset of vertices.

I agree with CD38 here. The noise function seems to do exactly what you want with the only drawback that you first need to create a ‘random’ texture to do it.

You can read more about the noise function here: Advanced Mesh Modelling: Noise

After performing the noise function you can delete the texture if you don’t want not do it again.


Thanks for that, im on the right track, but…

that seems to work for the Y axis only, also i cant seem to find a control for making the distortion bigger or smaller.

My bad, I assumed you were doing a plane. You want the displacement modifier, currently in CVS and to be released Real Soon Now in 2.43RCx.

Also, you could follow the steps already given except, instead of the using the Noise feature, go to the Materials button window and use the Displacement feature found on the Map To panel. There’s a slider to control the amount of displacement.

I tried that and it didnt seem to do anything

I tried that and it didnt seem to do anything

If you’re talking about kernond’s tip, you will only see a Displacement texture upon rendering. It doesn’t actually move vertices like the Modifier or the noise button so there won’t be any effect in the 3D modeling window.

Try using a Preview window (Shift-P). If the preview doesn’t update, use the mouse’s scrollbutton to zoom in and out by one increment to force the update. It definitely works.

I need the mesh to deform (its not for rendering its for export) ill pull em by hand for now and look forward to the modifier