adding object with python script attached to it

I have an object with p-script witch make it to interact with another object in the scene.
When I add two objects of this type (witch is in invisble layer) in the scene using empty object, two objects interact with the object in the scene…when only one of the is in its’ range. I know that, this is because the clone objects uses same p-script and when the vatiables in the script changes no matter wich one of them is in range…the two of them reacts.
Now how to make them to react independantly…shoud I use different p-scripts-witch means different objects not clones, or not.
If some one knows some techniques to use clone objects witch uses same variables to react independatly please help.

For instance in the games we have to absolutely identical enemies attaking you at the same time, they uses same script but, react to you independatly.

I ran into the same problem trying to get an object’s position set to an added object’s. If there were multiple added objects it would freak out and sometimes crash. I don’t know any way around this, except making seperate objects, or trying to reproduce the effect with logic bricks.