Adding Objects at Specific Times

Is there any way I could set my scene up so that it adds an object in frame 5 then adds another in frame 10, and so on? All I have managed so far is to get objects moving that persist throughout the entire animation.

you may place the object beyond the visible scene (for example beyond the camera) at the frame 1-4 and place (move) it to the scene at the frame 5. Duaring the animation the object appear at the scene at the frame 5.

The best way is to start it on an invisible layer and move it to a visible layer when you want it.

Send your object to a different layer (M key) that isn’t normally visible, and set a keyframe (I key) for Layer. Then go to the frame you want it to appear, send the object to layer 1 and set another keyframe. The object will spontaneously appear at this frame.

You’ll need to select the layer you sent it to in order to do the second part, otherwise you won’t be able to see the object to select it!