Adding objects in game via scene.addObject causes a strange error. Will this eventually get fixed?

Now, I am no developer or programmer, just someone who uses UPBGE as a hobby, but if you set something to add multiple objects via scene.addObject in python, it will eventually cause some strange bke.lib.blenkernel error.

In summary, I can translate it like this:

    1. bke would mean something in Blender in of itself.
    1. Lib simply means the library of the object. An example would be a cube.
    1. Blenkernel means the error comes from inside the core of the program itself. This error therefore comes from somewhere deep inside the coding of the app.
    1. ID User Decrement error means the object that was created could not be removed properly after the new one was made. While this did happen in 2.79, it was limited only to when you removed a scene, which was annoying, as it would never delete the unwanted scene back then.

The strange error message is likely thereof a bug. Since this never happened in 2.79, this is certainly a bug. While it does not crash UPBGE, this could likely be explained by an overflow or something else that is causing it. If you have something animated by material nodes, this error may break the animation, so I found out that using animations that don’t involve material nodes don’t get broken.

i can add 5000+ objects without any problem.

Tip: make sure you don’t keep adding objects, if you script it wrong and it keeps adding stuff every tic then yeah you/blender will get into trouble.

That’s troublesome for effects like fire, water vapour, sparkles, or splashes. Maybe someday the team will eventually fix this bug…

No not really, planes you add with fire/smoke, etc will be removed after a second or 2. I meant like for example you add a tree, but your scripted it wrong and without you noticing it keeps adding more trees on that exact spot, so like 10 minutes will past and you will have a huge amount of trees there while you only see one.