adding objects to render layers

i select the object an make the render layer but the object it not assigned the layer is there something i have to do to get the object assigned to the layer?

Well, the English word, layer, is unfortunately over-used and rather ambiguously used in the Blender system’s vernacular … but it’s there now and so we have to live with it somehow.

When you’re talking about “RenderLayers,” you’re unfortunately presented with several disjoint meanings of the one word, “layer.” C’est la guerre.

What a “RenderLayer” actually is, is simply a sort of filter-specification … to select-out a particular subset of the total information in the Blender model so that it can be associated with a RenderLayer input-node in a compositing “noodle.” Think about this as “the purpose for having the idea in Blender at all,” and the idea should become clear. (“Defining the stuff that will be injected somewhere into a compositing-network by an associated RenderLayer Node,” is that purpose.)

You know about “move object to layer(s).” Well, that’s one meaning and this is another. A RenderLayer specification is basically and mostly a selection filter. “The 20 layer-numbers” are one of the selection criteria you can use. One word. Two meanings. No relation between the two.

I like to set up a temporary compositing-node network containing one RenderLayer, the inevitable Output node, and an added Viewer node, with the Backdrop option turned-on so that the output of the selected Viewer is shown as the backdrop of the compositing-node screen. Associate the node with a particular layer, then, literally, “just start goofing around with it while you re-read the documentation Wiki.”

was the answer to my question in there? I couldn’t seem to find it

many thanks but i was able to figure it out but more info the better, Cheers

What Sundial means is: “Select your object, hit “M”, click the layer in the dialogue box you want to move it to.”

Layers and render layers are NOT clear. They even look similar in the UI when they do different (related) things. Sheesh

Well… what would a better layout look like?
What gets me is how it’s handled in Cycles. We got used to BI and the way renderlayers are handled in that.
Cycles doesn’t really always seem to operate the same way. I thought I understood it, and now I’m having trouble with really basic stuff in Cycles compositing. I thought renderlayers were supported by now, but I’m trying to figure out how to just get a shadow from one thing in one layer not to be cast on another thing in another renderlayer. If Cycles lamps behaved the same way as lamps in BI (“this layer only”) it would be a cinch.
I guess I have to rotoscope out the shadows from objects on different renderlayers now or something…?

It’s important to distinguish Scene layers from Render layers. A Render layer can contain one or several Scene layers, while a Scene layer contains neither.