Adding Objects

Hi all, I just started using blender about 2 weeks ago. I’ve made a 3d model of a watch and its nearly complete, so I decided to try adding some lamps to see how it looks… The problem is that I am unable to add any lamps or any objects at all in the OBJECT MODE, but can add all of the objects in the EDIT MODE.
After I try addig object in the OBJECT MODE my watch gets deselected and I cant go back to the EDIT MODE anymore. When I tried starting a new scene I could addd anything I wanted, but not in MY project… Can anyone please help a n00b in need :eek:

Can you explain it a bit more? Check where the 3d cursor is if you’re adding a lamp and not seeing anything. If you are in object mode and add a lamp, and want to reselect your watch you should be able to just use the right mouse button and click it and re enter edit mode. Is this helpful?

Thank you very much, right click on the watch after the (supposable)
adding of a lamp really takes me to the EDIT MODE!!! cool, thanks!
But I still cannot add a lamp or any other object in the OBJECT MODE.
The 3d cursor (if that is the weird circle with 3 lines pointing in diffrent
directions) is centered on some weird pink circle (more of a dot)
on the side of my watch. When I tried adding an object I left click some
distance away from the watch and add->lamp->lamp, when I do that, the 3D
cusror (the circle with 3 lines) dissapears and the pink circle dissapears
as well. Before i did that I had “(1) Cirlce” displayed in the left bottom
corner of the screen, but than it changes to “(1) Lamp.001”.
So how can I add a lamp that i can actually see lol?
I tried doing that in an empty scene and it worked fine - I could add lamps and othe objects. Is there a way to maybe copy my watch to another blender window and add a lamp there?

Relax… :slight_smile:
Open an “outliner” window, you’ll have the list of all the objects in the scene
If you’ve a Lamp one, select it, then put your mouse cursor above the 3D view and press
“.” ( NUmPAd point) or Shift-C to center the view…now your Lamp object should be in the
3D view?!
If not, its in another layer, probably…enable all the layers to find it ( little squares in the header bar)

Thanks for the advice, but when I press the SHIFT-C or ’ . ’ the screen just centers at …nothing. I noticed a thingy with my saves. I kept on saving my progress as the development progressed and when i saved my file as ************.blend1 i could see the camera and the light source, but the next one was called ********.blend1.blend and there were no more cameras or lights visible in that save or the ones that followed. So did I stuff it up by inproper naming? I’ve made a lot of progress since and going back will mean I might not be ready for my assesment task. So any suggestions please?

Dont worry about replying anymore, I started my project again…guess I stuffed up the saves or something. Thanks for all your suggestions though