adding propeties where and when?

when you add a panel class or menu / operator class you can add properties in the class level section

but is it possible to add theses anywhere else

i tried a little test callling a function and trying to add a propertie and it did not work

so not certain whwere the limits are here ?

any ideas what the limits are he e for properties?

Thanks and happy 2.5

a property is a “feature” of an object that is defined in a class, therefore you need a class to be able to create a new property.

I guess your “function” was defined out of the class, and that’s why Blender complain about it.

Of course you can use some Blender classes to create a new property although you didn’t defined the class, for example “scene.BoolProperty(” will create the bool property on the current scene.

well inside the function blender just pass over it no error generated !

but it can be added outside of a class !

ok but there is away to make a new propertie and i assume here that it is added by default to the operator panel?

now im trying to experiment with the solid script to make a new menu and sub menu structure and these properties in that are script difficult to understand

i tried to add an enumproperties in a class and seem to add a menu to the operator panel
but in the menu the logic is out of this world to understand it
seem you need to define it inside the called class too
but what if i don’t want to add a menu to the opeator panel but want to use the value of the propertie alone ?