Adding Python into Blender

Hey guys. I recently downlaoded Blender 2.49 and Python 2.6 and would like to know how to get Blender to use Python. What exactly do I have to do? Thanks.

It’s REALLY complicated…:evilgrin::evilgrin:

1- Install Python 2.6
2- Install Blender 2.49
3- Run Blender 2.49
4- ENJOY!!! :D:D:D

what the poster above said… have fun

As I said, I did that. I still get the message that there was no installed python found.

in a text window, enter the python command

print("hello world") 

and press alt-p. observe the console window. congrats, you just ran your first python program within Blender.

You need to add a system variable in windows, I think. :slight_smile:


Yeah… If Python is not installed in the default location (C://Python or something) then Blender will need the system variable to be set in order to find it.