Adding ragdoll dupligroup instance breaks bone constraints

Adding a ragdoll dupligroup instance breaks all of it’s bone constraints

the rigid bodies, and there wigid body joints all apear to work fine using group instance spawn

however, it’s the armature that fails to run it’s copy rotation bone constraints,

It seemed to me that the armature is simply not activated even when using run armature actuator. Adding a simple dummy action to the armature and playing that for a moment solved it for me as a work-around. After that all bone constraints also kicked into action.

maybe its just not added to the animation threading until you play a animation?

Ok, It works however, the next ragdoll spawned makes the ragdolls start to flicker, as well as the protagonist :frowning:

I did not check spawning multiple copies before but now I do and it is indeed quite anoying. Each armature is flipping over all different ragdolls + rest pose.

As far as I can check the constraint targets in python are OK, (same group as armature object). So the bug must be somewhere deeper into the system …

The only way it did work for multiple copies was to save the original file multiple times, each time linking to a different source file. Which is kind of beating the idea of linking files to a single source.

yeah, I think it’s the armature instancing rather then duplicating, so when you play action

it updates all armatures to the action

I think the system just needs to LibNew the armature data somehow so the threading is not linked.

just checked, instances of a armature get the data from the original armature

There is a bug in the constraints connected to a static object and if you offset it from the world enter. Actually I don’t have a fix for that. The only thing you can do is to use 6DOF constraint or set the static object to rigid, dynamic or sensor.

There is also a bug in the run armature actuator. It does not work correctly with dubli groups. You can start the armature if you run an action just with one frame.

For both bugs there is already a bug report.