Adding Random Instance Spacing Along Curve

Hi all,
I have a geo nodes setup to instance an object along a curve. I’d like some help to add some adjustable random spacing between the instances please.

What nodes do I need to add to achieve this??

Here’s my setup.

I have a second question…Is it possible to have a geo nodes setup to activate the draw curve without the need to add a curve, edit mode, delete vertices, then select the curve draw tool etc etc…Or is this a python scripting thing??

Hi, you have to use sample curve with indices remapped to 0…1 and a little random number added to it (or evaluate a noise texture, because then you can animate it)


Thanks Hadriscus, I’ll give it a try. :+1:

It works great…I added a few switches for Random scale and rotation.

I also added an “Offset Value” for the spacing along the curve that gives me a more precise (Slower) adjustment.

Thanks again Hardriscus!

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My pleasure, you can use ctrl+H on your group input nodes to hide unused sockets, so that you can still see what property controls what and have a compact layout

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Thanks for the ctrl+H tip. :+1:

Here’s the resulting NodeGroup.

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