Adding & Removing objects during Animations

I’m relatively new to blender & am currently trying to animate such that some of the objects can be made to appear/disappear in a frame.

For example if my animation is off 199 frames, I need Object 2 to replace Object 1 at the 100th frame. i.e., make Object 2 appear in the 100th & at the same time make object 1 disappear in 101th frame ?

Is there some tutorial which I can refer to ? Can someone help ?


There are a couple of ways to do that. You can swap layers, or you can simply swap positions. Make object 2 reside behind the camera until it is needed. Then keyframe a 1 frame translation from behind the camera to where it needs to go. On that same 1-frame translation. Keyframe the opposite for the object #1 that you want to disappear. Make it translate from it’s current position to behind the camera.

… Guess the experience counts… such a simple solution…

Thanks a lot for the solution, I feel so dumb right now :frowning: