adding riggings

I totaly forgot to make a facial rig and mouth components to this model. Is it possible to add these in without making me have go all way back and repaint all the weights again?

You don’t have to redo all the weights, just add the ones you need in addition.

Thank goodness… that’ll save hell of alot time then. Do I just add more riggings onto the existing armature or do I make whole new one and attatch it on?

You can just add bones to the armature you have now. Since you are talking about the face, I assume all the verts you need to weight paint for the new bones are currently weight painted to the head bone. If that’s the case, in 2.5x when weight painting the new bones, make sure auto normalize is turned on in weight painting. What this does is as you ad weight to a vert for a new bone, it will subtract weight away from the other bone… really useful. If you’re using 2.49 there is a script someplace to help with this.


i’d have shapekeys do the work on facial rigs, but then im noob