Adding scripts in Windows Vista

Hello all, I have another dumb newbie question. I’m having trouble adding a new plugin in Vista. I can’t find a plugins/scripts folder and I can’t find a way to add scripts directly in Blender. How do I go about adding a new plugin? The plugin I’m trying to add is an SVG exporter from this site:

Thanks so much in advance

they should make this a sticky. the installer puts the scripts in a hidden folder. first hit start - control pannel (in the grey section on the right) - folder options - view (tab on the top of the popup) - about 9 check boxes down will be “show hidden files and folders” turn that on. should be easy to spot because it has a round instead of square check box. now hit apply and ok at the bottom.

ok now hit start - computer - c drive - users - what ever user - AppData - Roaming - Blender Foundation - Blender - .blender - scripts.

there is an easier way tho. uninstal blender. download meta’s blender that comes with all the scripts and stuff prepacked in it. it’s a loaded version of 2.49a that uses puthon 2.5. so if you dont have python 2.5 download and install it from here :

either way you go after you have put the script in the proper folder

then download meta’s build from here: and unzip it, then right click on the blender exec (will have the little blender icon with the name Blender is you dont show file extensions) then pin it to the start menue to open it from your start button, create a quick launch to put it on the task bar next to the start buton, or create a shortcut to put a clickable icon on your desktop. the folders will always be exactly where you unzipped them to. if you need a program for unzipping i recomend 7 zip.

it beats hunting thru all the hidden files and folders and reduces the chances of a kid going into the hidden stuff and crashing your computer. you also dont have to hunt for and download scripts since everything you will ever want and more are already included. actually i just looked and the exporter you want isn’t in meta’s but you can easily put it in the scripts - py_export_249 folder the script is a python 2.4 script that should run in python 2.5 and will crash in python 2.6 versions (an easy way to tell is to look for print in the script. if it says[ print “what ever” ]it is python 2.5. if it says [print (“what ever”)] it is python 2.6 or higher.)

either way you go after you have put the script in the proper folder open blender and go to the scripts window. next to the little snake in the lower left you will see the word scripts, click on it and go all the way to the top of the menu that pops up and click on update menues.

Thanks, that’s a big help, but the scripts in the Blender build you linked to don’t work. I can’t import, I just get an error message everytime I try to import or export something. I have python v 2.5.2 installed and it says it has it, so I don’t know whats wrong.

i’m not sure. there is an export bezier curve to svg script, i dont know what svg is but it did export a svs file. i changed the extention to txt to check out what it sent. my french isn’t good enough to read it. (not sure why it writes french either) this is what it sent me:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?> 
 <!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 20010904//EN"  
 <svg width="4.5806427002" height="0.58683180809"  viewBox="0 0 4.5806427002 0.58683180809" 
 <title>coubre de bezier : Curve</title> 
   <desc>Un trace dessinant une courbe de type bezie issue de blender</desc> 
 <g transform="translate(--2.2903213501 -0.0)"> 
   <path d="M -2.2903213501 0.58683180809
C -1.14516067505 -0.733539819717 0.0 0.58683180809 2.2903213501 0.58683180809 

when exporting make sure it is sending it to a writable location. it was by default trying to write the file to d: drive on my pc which is a read only drive. i had to click the p button and write it to a writeable location.