Adding second object combines it with first object?


I’m very new to blender and am working through a tutorial but am running into something that doesn’t jive with what I’m seeing in the tutorial. It’s the alien box modeling tutorial by David Ward(

At about 7:20 into the video a sphere is added to be the eyeball and I do this part just fine, selecting the center eye socket vertex, centering the cursor on it, adding it, modifying he number of rings, size, etc.

However when it comes to shaping the eye socket independently from the eyeball I am unable to put blender into the mode where it only selects the head object separately from the eyeball object. Unlike in the video, when I go into object mode and select the head, I get the eyeball and head object selected together as a single object. When I go into edit mode, I get the vertices from the head/socket and eyeball together and am unable to isolate the vertices for the head object to shape the eye socket. Is there a setting that ‘links’ objects when you add one while centered on the vertex of another object?

I have worked around this for now by adding the sphere separately from the head object, i.e. when I don’t have a head vertex selected. Then moving the eyeball into position.

Any tips would be appreciated.

When you add an object while in Edit mode, the new object is made a part of the object that you are editing. To have independent objects, you need to add while in Object mode.

So the order of operations in your scenario would be: select the center eye socket vertex, center the cursor on it, switch to Object mode, then add the sphere.

Aha! Thanks for the info!