Adding skin details

i am working on will smith portrait and i like how it went with modeling it

it might doest look like him yet but I believe with coloring - hair and detailing him it will look like him eventually… of course tell me what you think until now.

so my problem began when i needed to add the skin details… i know i can’t really make it with sculpting because it will need an enormous amount of polyguns and my machine won’t be able to handle it.
so i thought about painting all the details i need with a hight map “bumb” but this was so hard because i kept looking for good skin hight maps for hours and i didn’t find anything good enough for a realistic result

so does anyone has any ideas or even a good tutorial?

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need to find a lot of images on the web
unless lucky to find a UV map for his face !

otherwise you could try with Texture painting
but not easy to do realist texture

happy cl