Adding sound & editing sw


is there any way how to add sounds and music to animations internally in Blender? Is there any script which solves the problem of rendering animations with sound directly in Blender?

I hope that future enhancement of sequencer shall reflect such a need.

Probably Blender users take advantage of 3rd party applications. Which would you suggest., or other?

Thank you very much


You can mix sounds in the Sequence Editor, but as yet, Blender doesn’t multiplex the sound and video.

In the rendering buttons, there are a set of sound processing sub buttons.

There’s a button here “Mixdown” that creates a mixed sound file of all the audio tracks in the Sequence Editor.

From there, you can use something else (as you suggest, Vrtual Dub or Jakata or something similar) to mix the rendered video and audio together.

For more info on Audio in the sequence editor - SEE HERE.