Adding Sound

(dvgui) #1

Does anybody know of any really good programs to add sound to my blender .avi creations?

Thanks in advance…the [email protected]

(mthoenes) #2

You have a couple of options in the FREE category and many more in the Pay category.

Use google to find these possibilities

DDClip Pro- similar to Adobe Premiere (10 sec limit on Demo)

MovieXone - 2 Audio Tracks on Free version, Limited output

Audacity - Cool Audio Editor

Virtual Dub - A must have tool - Great for converting formats, Dubbing audio, stripping out audio, etc…(Does a lot more too)

TMPGEnc - Video conversion and more

Zwei-Stein - A bizzare but very powerful Video Editor

(Grizzly69) #3

There is DDclipfree. Its older and they don’t support it, but I like it and there is no time limit. You are limited to 4 audio tracks. Last time I checked their website they had it available for download.

Soundtrack producer also adds audio to Avi’s.