Adding S's and A's mid game.

Just a hypothetical question, don’t need it for anything right now, but;

Would be possible to add sensores and actuators with python mid game?
If not logic brick s and a’s, in a script then?

You can disable them then activate them later, or use states which also would be later activated.

No you can’t.

But as MrPutuLips wrote, you can deactivate/activate them via the state system.

The BGE logic is pretty static. On the one hand it makes the logic very straight forward and simply. On the other hand it misses some dynamic flexibility.

I see.
Activating or adding to, as long as I can reach the desired effect its fine;
The effect I’d be looking for is, say, in a combo system (wich works by moving through states how I do it) that first you’d be only able to make a three part combo, but then when you get a certain amount of xp you get one extra.
(I’m thinking of toying around with rpg-ish stuff after my current project and the only hiccup in my theory is this)

if combolevel = X------
if last move was X2------And-------Do stuff
if keypress = “?”-------/

It’s time to learn Python.

Yep, Python is your trick. It really doesn’t get any easier than Python either. It may look scary but once you get rolling you’d be surprised how much you can get done. It doesn’t have all the confusion of C++ (to someone new) and it lets you do A LOT until you reach it’s limits which you may never do. Then by that time, you can jump in C++

I suggest to look into state systems (fsm).

You can implement them
-> with the build in state system (up to 30 states).
-> with properties
-> with a Python state system.

My thought exactly My ninja game is close to its finish so I’m prepairing for my next planned project.

I know; I think I said this before, but looks actually quite easy, actually its practically speaking English… I just need to know the grammar…

I will, thanks ^^