Adding subtitles to a video?

Hi guys. I know this isn’t a video encoding forum, but I’ve done lots of googling with very little results, so I thought I’d try my luck here.

Say for example that I rip Elephants Dream to my computer as a .VOB file, with a particular subtitle language. Is there any free/open source program that I can use to “burn” the subtitles into the video track of the .VOB file, and output the file as either a new .VOB file, or as an MPEG4? (If only MPEG4, the program would need to let me control the resolution, as well as bitrate, etc.)

My ultimate goal is to take a .VOB with subtitles, and apply the subtitles to the video, so I can output a subtitled video to my iPod, with as few encoding steps as possible, so that I don’t lose quality.

Right now I have a program to rip the .VOB, and a program that can output a .VOB as an MPEG4 (Videora iPod Converter), so the main thing that I need is a way to apply the subtitles.

Thanks in advance for any help that you guys can give.:slight_smile:

edit I’m running Windows.

use the AlphaOver builtin effect. see

I just tried opening the file in Blender’s sequencer (in Blender 2.42a and Blender 2.43 RC3), and I get this error message:

I guess that part of FFMPEG isn’t in the Windows version, or there’s something else that makes it not work…

Thanks for the suggestion, though.:slight_smile:

Any other suggestions?

did you left click the movie file (Mpeg) name in the Add->Movie file window?

did you left click the movie file (Mpeg) name in the Add->Movie file window?

I do left click on the file, but I’m trying to open a .VOB file, not an MPEG.

oh, sorry. I thought you said you had converted the .vog to an Mpeg. You need to get the .vob to an mpeg avi file, and then Blender can combine the two videos using the AlphaOver. the second post i gave you is for a utility to convert vob to avi.

Oh, I get it now. Thanks for the info and link. I’ll try that out when I have time this evening.:slight_smile:

Is there a way to create subtitles within Blender? Is there an open source tool that you can use to create subtitles with a more WSIWYG interface, instead of the text editor method?

Handbrake can do that for you. You will just have to use a different file format(mp4). Plus there are presets for Ipod.