Adding succesive water objects

I would like to introduce additional fluid objects later in an animation. So that I could have shapes dropping one after the other. I can’t seem to move a new fluid object into the domain and make it generate a fluid from the mesh.

Does Blender support multiple fluid objects at all?

I just wanted to add extra drips in specific shapes, it is for a countdown where the numbers begin as fluid objects in a domain then fall away to splash.
Looks like I will be starting a new domain each time.

since no one else is answering I guess I’ll have to do it! David, try an Inflow that changes shape to emit a new number every second. In between releases of fluid you will have to block up the pipe by introducing an outflow at the mouth. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

I was under the impression from your previous post that you had it under control :slight_smile:

I was experimenting a bit with the fluid simulator, and as you posted earlier, it seems that unless the fluid object is within the domain at all times during the baking process, it won’t be evaluated.

You can bake several domains all within the same blend file, as long as only one is active each time you bake; but then the resulting fluid animations won’t interact.

Instead of using an outflow to “block up the pipe”, why not just add an Active Fluid IPO Curve?
-open up an IPO Curve Window,
-change the IPO Curve type selector in the header to ‘Fluid’,
-LMB the Active type channel

  • Ctrl + LMB on the graph part of the window,
  • press [ T ], and make the curve type constant,
  • adjust your values -> 0 = OFF, above 0 = ON
    (give your inflow a one or two frame ON pulse).
    only issue that you may have is that the inflow/fluid won’t appear when it’s inactive (not sure how that correlates to what you’re trying to do).