Adding text in composite mode

I was wondering if there exists some way of easily adding text over a 2D render result.
To be place-able in compositor where i can adjust font type /size /color x. /alignment -left / centric right

I know i can create another render with text objects, but well it doesnt need to be that complex i think.
Just plain simple text over image, something i know do with gimp on render results.

is there perhaps an addon for this ?.

Setting up layers in photo editing software is about the same as setting up Scene in blender. Pros - all lighting and animation/compositig possibilities, starting from simplest to most advanced. You could do this in “real time” on parallel scenes or in post on rendered image sequence or movie. Blend them as you need - text render on transparent background is fast enough.

Everyone that just wants a simple text tool arrives at the question pretty soon. Quickest solution is to make a simple text scene with preset text objects lit and ready to go, just append it in and edit it to need. One simple set up followed by many subsequent uses.

But if one does it in layers, wouldnt that result in perspective distortions, i just want it to be 2d text, while the drawings are usully 3d.

Also for artisitc reasons, its often that when the render is ready, then i have to be able to scale / locate / change font type etc, over the rendered image.

Set the text scene camera to orthographic to minimize distortion. Scale camera instead of moving it closer to objects. You can use a translate node to move the image around.