Adding textures without UV/Image Editor

I’m trying to add textures to a plane without using the UV/Image editor. I go to shading and material buttons and click add new. Then I click on texture buttons and click add new. I select texture type : image. Then I select load. I find my image. It appears in the Buttons window.

Now how do i get it to appear on whatever face I have selected. The tutorial I am viewing says to unwrap in object mode. I can unwrap in edit mode… or select mesh… unwrap uv, then unwrap… but it does nothing

First thing is to read the docs about textures
If you want it applied to just one face you’ll need to use multiple materials

I’m currently using this tutorial. I’m unable to unwrap the texture without opening it in the U/V image editor. And I’m unable to “noise” it without adding it in the textures and materials panels.

Other than that… I got to the part where you bake the “noised” image with the original texture. The result is a partly blacked out image.

I’m actually farther back in this tutorial then I thought I was. When I try to unwrap the original image onto itself at around 2:30… alls I get is a black screen. I believe this may have something to do with me not being able to add textures without using the U/V editor.

Could someone give me a step by step method to add textures without using the U/V editor like he does in this tutorial.

The tutorial works in blender 2.49b. I’ve just followed it and works. You have to follow what he is doing step by step. What have you got about not using the UV/image editor anyway?

He unwraps his image without using the UV image editor… I can’t seem to do this.

I don’t quite understand what you’re really on about but to UV unwrap you select all faces in edit mode (in this case there is only one face) and press U. You don’t need the image editor open. To create the normal map you do this from the rener bake panel. You need an image created first to bake this to. When he selects the normal map to apply to his object, becasue he has already created it he only need to pick it from the drop down list (at 4:53)