Adding the camera background video to the actual render

Hi. I just finished to successfully motion track a video footage. I have the video as the background source of my camera and I am quite happy with it.

I am would like to be able to see the video when I render a frame. I thought I could add an environment texture node in the world shader…but there is no mapping option that shows it as I have it in the camera.

In other words…I want the exact footage orientation that my camera shows to be present in the render without affecting lighting. Just a backplate.

Is this possible?

Thank you!

Use window as input vector if your camera render is the same size of your image source. but it’ll “light” your scene with this colors… not in a correct way.

But anyway, it’s better to use compositing for your object’s integration.

Thank you! Well…I do not know what I did…now the background image pops after the whole render finishes. Maybe I did not realize to wait till the end.

Thank you