Adding thickness to a model for 3d printing

I wished to 3d print a mask that I have modeled. I wasn’t aware about the requirements for a mesh to be printable. Now that I have finished modelling the mask, I realized that the mesh requires a certain amount of thickness but mine is just a plane.

I tried using the solidify modifier but it gives some weird results. This is one of my first models so, any help will be appreciated.

Here’s a really basic video showing someone doing something similar. With Solidify you may always need to do some clean up in tight areas where things interpenetrate.

Also you can do some things like modulate the solidify effect using vertex weights.

But you can also try doing the solidify manually. Something like duplicating all the geometry, offset it back a few mm in +Y, flip the normals so they face out, then bridge each of the edge loops across to make one solid closed volume.

In the mouth area it looks like you’ve modeled in some apparent thickness there and you might try actually removing that so it’s actually flat and let the solidify produce it.

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I tried solidify but even when I chose thickness of about 30 cm, the model was getting thick only a few mm.

Apply object scale. Ctrl+A -> scale.

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