Adding thickness

How could I add thickness to this ship. I tried many things but they only made it more complicated and comfusing. So, please help me out.


one way you can do it, but may need to separate certain parts… use the blender script to give thickness. in one pane, open the scripts. choose the scripts button, mesh, then choose solidify selection. the settings start out at -.100, this is your thickness and the direction it will go. adjust this size and hit ok… if you don’t like the results, choose ctrl-z to undo your modification. try that as well.
on a second note, i am still new so i may be wrong, but it looks like you need to adjust the normals on those wing stabilizers.

I’m sorry but I have no idea how to do anything you just said.

Tragik - All this time I’ve been adding thickness the hard way. This definitely will save me time.

RodyPolis - To see the effect just add a simple plane and follow the steps to see what happens.

It does not seem to work on my mesh.
I have a curve (circle) that I have shaped with another curve into the form of a vase. I now convert that vase to a mesh. I run the script and nothing happens. (yes the mesh is selected).

I figured it out, not only do you have to have the object selected, you have to be in edit mode and have all the faces selected. So much for documenting secret scripts in Blender.