Adding Titles

Hello, i am making a game, where you run around as a bunny and collect carrots. I know how to make it so when i collision with a certain amount of carrots it will go to the next level. But how culd i make it so when he collides with the carrot the words “good job” or “Carrot collected” come up on the screen. Like i said i know how to make it appear, but how would i get it to appear right in front of the camera and stay in front of it for some time? I know im not good at explaining things, but any help would be much appreciated.

have you tried putting it in another scene and adding an overlayer scene when all the carrots have been collected.
it is easy to set this up. 1. add another scene and put a camera and infront of the camera add a plane with a texture that has what ever you want it to say (“good job” or what ever) 2. go back to your game scene and set it up so when all of the carrots have been collected you add the scene with the “good job” texture (or text)

thank you

retro world

An overlay would be easiest.