Adding toes to rigify

Does anybody know how to add extra toes to rigify. I know i can add extra bones and apply weight such as for eyes. But what i realy would like to know if i can add or duplicate toes and keep all the constraints. Or else ill have to build an entire foot toe rig for my trex.

Add them to the metarig in Edit Mode using Rigify Buttons-> add sample chain.

Note the really important bit of that: add them to the Metarig before you generate your final Rigify armature. Let Rigify take care of those constraints for you. Once you pick the chain you want and hit Add Sample (for instance you might use the finger chain), parent the new bones appropriately and rename them to something useful. The names and parenting will carry over when you generate the finished armature.

Thanks for the advice, but ive already tried those, the heel and toe control doesnt work with the extra toe. I just downloaded a trex from blendswap that was already rigged, saves me building an entire complex rig with rigify for a trex!