Adding Unique Textures to Multiple Dynamically Created Objects

I’m struggling;

I want to create multiple copies of a single object and then allocate a unique texture to each. I have been experimenting with the VideoTexture with little success.

I have created a reference plane [Green] and placed it on the last - hidden - layer. On start-up the script re-directs the texture to a new external [Red] jpg. All well and good.

With the creation of a second object I follow much the same course. However, the second object also changes the first object when a new texture [Yellow] is applied. I’m guessing this is expected behaviour as I believe I am referencing the same texture in the Graphics Card.

How do I get round this problem? I’ve spent all day pulling my hair out over this. I don’t want to be in a position where I create the objects at design time.

I have attached a blend file and two picture files. Please forgive them not being packed - I couldn’t get it work when I tried. They will all need to be in the same directory.

Many thanks in advance



simplified.blend (181 KB)

This is because all instances share the same mesh data. Only the object data are instanciated (transformation,logic states etc.).

That’s what I figured. I was hoping the code would follow the preferences set in the Blender UI.

Is this behaviour extended into 2.5? Is there any clever bit of trickery I can use to get round this?

I do not think this will change with 2.5.