Adding unlisted functions to Keymap?: hotkeys in Outliner

Tired of not being able to Delete objects with a hotkey in Outliner, I turned to the Keymap in preferences, but I’m not seeing how you can add unlisted functions to the Outliner keyset.

It seems functions that are already assigned a hotkey are listed, but not functions that appear in the context menu but are unassigned.

So, how would one implement a individual (or “all selected”) hotkey delete?


(It’s kinda dangerous IMO to make deleting whole Collections quite easy (“x”), while making it more difficult to delete individual items.)

hm, an old topic?
But I don’t get it: you CAN delete objects with both X and Delete keys. So…?

RMB on the collection - a menu will appear
RMB on the appropriate menu item - “Assign Shortcut”