Adding Vertex Groups In Weight Paint. Possible?

Is it possible to take the weights assigned to one vertex group and add them to another vertex group, thus “merging” the two sets of weights into one?

Specifically, the figure I am working on started off as a Daz “Genesis” figure. It has bones for “pectorals” that I want rid of, but if I just delete them, moving the arms does funny things to the chest. So I presume I need to assign the weights which are currently assigned to the two “pectoral” bones to the “chest” bone. But I can’t find any way to do that.

Or am I trying to do something that is just wrong?

That’s a 1 minute weight paint fix. What’s the problem? Turn on weight paint, select chest bone and paint the pecs!

So far as I can see, the chance of precisely duplicating the original weight paint is negligible.

Anyway, this seems like something that would have a general use. Is there an answer to it?

As far as I know there’s not an easy way to do it, and it 's not always so simple to fix it where several groups are mixed.
The feature to perform boolean operations on weight groups would be very useful indeed, and it should not be so difficult to implement.


Sourvinos, indeed I would have thought it would be pretty useful and as you say not that hard to implement.

Yeah, time ago I made something similar for Cinema4D, in Coffee language, it’s a pity I’m so bad on pyton, and too lazy to learn API…


ensure the “normalize” setting is on when in weight painting mode… this will only make manually fixing it much easier… but Boolean operations on vert groups would be epic