adding vertex to edge ( the edge doesnt have faces yet)

i read, and dont like the solution.

one of the few things i miss in blender ( or i haven’t found it…) is the ability to select an edge and add a vertex somewhere along it…(sort of like edge-slide). usually these edges are at an angle.

at the moment i end up extruding the edge, then doing an edge slide so the new vert is where i want it… then delete the extra geometry.

any tips?

You could try the knife tool. In blender 2.49 and earlier, press ‘k’ and select appropriate option from the menu. In blender 2.50 hold down k and the left mouse button. You need to select the edge you want to cut, before using the tool.

ha :slight_smile: thanks*1000 morio, That is exactly what i want. this is awesome!
so : hold down K + draw with left mouse button pressed the slice line

Not that I ever really used the knife tool… But I thought I had read a lot of posts saying the knife tool from 2.49 wasn’t implemented in 2.5 yet… Is it working the same as 2.49?

Just curious

i’ve not used 2.49x or lower to any extent, but the knife tool does a superb job in 2.5 :slight_smile:

I normally just subdivide & move the point, but the knife tool does almost the same thing.

Loop cut is much better. Ctrl + R

both loop cut and knife are useful :wink:
Knife cuts along the line you draw, as you would expect.
Loop cut subdivides every edge in an edgeloop so that every edge is cut by the same proportions