adding vertices on an edge by manual positioning

Hi, i want to add some vertices on an edge. I use edge subdivide but the vertices placement is controlled automatically. The new vertices will be distributed evenly across that edge. How if i want to manually place the position for the new vertices while still inside subdivide command? Is it possible ? or maybe is there any other better command for doing this ? So far i used subdivide and then later i have to re-edit /move it one by one.


If you press T after using the subdivide command you can set the amount of cuts

if you have 2 symetrical cuts, and wish to space them, you can use the Scale tool

if you wish to slide one vertex along the edge, tap G twice.

Pressing CTRL+Alt+Space while having the edge selected, you will align the gismo to the edge. this way you can move as many verteses along that edge as you want by selecting it, pressing G, then doubletapping XY or Z depending on what axses the gismo locks itself at.

Thanks, that ctrl alt space is really helpful. Anyway is there any specific ‘add vertext’ tool which i can add and adjust position directly ? Anyone know any add-on ? I uploaded the example.