Adding Video As A Background To Your Camera In Blender 2.8?

Hey so I’ve been trying learning blender 2.8 Recently and I was trying to add a video to the background of the camera but instead of it just showing up in the background of the camera when you’re only viewing though the camera it just adds it like a plain and I have to position it and parent it to get it into the place I want. Is there a way to do it the old way where it only shows up when you’re in the camera view? Also I really hope they add the background Images tab like they had in the older versions.

Select your camera, go it the camera settings panel, and look for this tab:

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It’s what captiankirk says. Even though it says background image, you can use that option to add a video to the background of the camera. Just press add image, you should see a button for using a movie clip instead of image.

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Thank you so much!!!

Do you know if this is broken atm? Because when I add an image to Camera I get no background image sadly. addin image works only with the Empty way.