adding video clip?

Hi all,
can someone lead me to a tutorial on adding video clip into the 3d scene in blender?
thanks in advance

( i mean that I need a way to add video clip in a way that I’ll be able to see it in the 3d scene and not only in the rendered result)

There really is no practical way to do that as far as I know.

Add it as an image texture to a dummy object with ‘Movie’ clicked. Then goto View >> Background image >> Use Background Image >> Texture.


gee fligh you realy rules!
but now, is there a way to view the movie in the background so that in each frame I’ll see the correct frame from the movie? cause I only see frame 1 in all the keyframes
(or is it to much to ask? :))

In the F6 “Image Texture” buttons, in the “Anim and Movie” tab set the number of frames and framelength.


wow thanks man!