adding views

Is there a way to set-up new views in Blender. I would like to have all four sides (not just top - front - side). This is so I can have a more architectural set-up of front/back, right/left.

Thank you!

open extra 3d windows then set an opposit view by first holding the ctrl key and selecting your choice…ctrl num7 to get the under view.

kevin patrick,

Take a look at this article. When I set my defaults up I followed the following general procedure:

  1. Start with the default single 3d window
  2. Create a new Screen Layout - at the top of your 3d window there are 2 pull-down menus, 1 for screen layouts on the left and one for scenes on the right. Using the screen layout pull-down menu, select add new, and name the screen layout something like “4 View”
  3. Follow the instructions in the article below to split your single 3d view into 4 separate 3d views
  4. In each view, set the orientation. I use:
    Top left view as top view - numpad 7
    Bottom left view as front view - numpad 1
    Bottom right view as right side view - numpad 3
    Top right view as camera view - select the camera and press ctrl numpad 0
  5. After you have everything the way you want it, press ctrl-u to save as default startup file

You can even right click on the headers to hide them.

Thank you Charles. It looks like there’s a good bit of blender that is just under the surface - never would have thought it was that easy. Obi, the screen layout post was right on, now I can flip between several working modes, very very nice.Cheers all!