Adding zig-zag to an edge

How can I create a zig zag edge to an open cube? I have attached a picture of what I am trying to do.


subdivide a loop then subdivide it and if you want go into proportionel edit mode
then in tool panel you have fractal value which is like random for the subdivide value

happy 2.5

That wil be really useful for another project I’m thinking about, thanks!
Is there a way of specifying zig zag points and adding them accurately? I’d like to be able to add and edit points like I can in Illustrator.

in vertex mode select your top edge, subdivide -set number with F6-
then from select menu select every N number of verts and move down

Thanks, that sort of works but the face that I’m dividing the edge of is being sub-divided. Is there a way of adding vertexes to the edge without dividing up the face?


technically: yes and it’s called bmesh but ngons should just be used intermediary and later be replayed by quads.
also: i would divide the whole thing not just the outer edges, as the resulting triangles are “bad” too.

I would use the ctrl-r method and the mouse wheel to adjust the number of cuts to create loops for this. Sure you increase the polycount, but you save yourself the headache of triangles if you want to get into displacement of any kind. Only things there are for now until Bmesh.


Thanks for your help. I looked up Bmesh and found a video “Blender 2.5: Bmesh preview (tour 1)” on vimeo. That looks like just the tool I’m after. Especially the ‘Dissolve’ tool (I’m using blender to design paper models.) Any idea when Bmesh will be available? The video was from two years ago!

I found the blender 2.5.7 branch with BMesh. Looks promising but doesn’t save .svg files of the UV layout properly. Anybody get any idea when the final version will be available?

My guess - from about a half a year to a full year.
Blender had a feature freeze during the 2.5x series, and this freeze will be over for 2.6x
At 2.6x series, a hell lot of new features will be added, and bmesh is planned to be one of them.