Additional Configuration & Data Paths


is it possible to have more locations for configuration and data files than SYSTEM, LOCAL and USER?

I would like to have one place (or more) on the server for additional settings,plugins,addons, whatever.
SYSTEM doesn’t work, because all users shall run Blender from the network.
USER doesn’t work, because either I would have to deploy the stuff for every user, or every user has to go with the same setup
LOCAL would work, but I would need to install stuff for each separate version or build.

So, what options do I have?

Hi, if you have a netdrive, for example Z:, it should work.
Unzip Blender to the netdrive, make directory “config” in Blender\2.71 folder writeable from admin or special user.
If user start Blender from netdrive, setup and addons are stored in Z:\Blender\2.71\config.
I tested this for a schoolroom with Windows and Samba server but was some time ago.

Cheers, mib

Hi mib,
that would be the LOCAL option. The only problem with that would be if we are using more than one Blender version (e.g. a additional Paint build from Then we need to do it for every Version. And apart from that we would mix it with the default standard plugins, so it could become a mess quickly.
It would be nice if I could just tell Blender where to look for plugins and configs, like I can in Nuke, Softimage, Max and probably others…

cheers, und schönen gruss nach Berlin

Ha, thanks.
May you could use User Scripts Path in User Preferences, here is the wiki page about:

Cheers, mib

Yo, that would be the USER option, but then every user has to go with the same settings, because they don’t have a personal userfolder anymore for their own layouts keybindings and stuff