additional widgets and tools you'd like for custom interfaces

I dont know if this is possible currently
small windows in panels (N, P) for programming UI input values

Example: input numeric keyboard for graphic tablet

I haven’t looked much at the 2.5 Py, or 2.4x for a while for that matter, but I remember wishing for a few things a while back. I don’t know how precisely it’s done in 2.5, so my wishes may be redundant:

  1. The ability to define callbacks per control, not just per panel. The old way lead to me having a huge draw function, and a huge callback function which would contain an awful lot of if / elifs (switch not being available).

  2. The ability to use any object as, not just an int as an event identifier.

  3. This is a biggie - some sort of binding system. That means to tie e.g. a slider to a python var, set min / max values, and not have to worry about getters / setters / callbacks. That would make it possible to make a panel with a bunch of (non-realtime-interactive) values, and an “apply” button very quickly. At the moment the apply button is pressed, you’d just look at the bound vars, without having to waste time having to connect the sliders codewise.

  4. Positional snapping of some sort, or a layout editor like you say. I only have experience with Apple’s Interface Builder, but that’s very handy. If a good fit for Blender’s way of doing things can’t be found, a miniature version of that functionality in Blender Py itself should be doable. It’d then do some sort of code generation.

What I’m saying basically is that it’d be nice to have the most common stuff automated. But keep in mind that my knowledge is sort of old, and I may have been doing it wrong the whole time.

One thing i would like to see is some sort of preset systems and visual library where you could quickly find then drag and drop models into a scene. The same for materials and textures, this would save so much time in my opinion and you could do this for all sorts of things like particles and modifiers etc also.

I am fairly new to blender but the thing i think lets it down is that it hides things away like menus etc and instead relies on shortcuts. Following some tutorials it’s quick to get confused because they sound like they say press and so you try & + but then realize later they mean press n or something. So more standard dropdown menus would be good also which is usually quick to find in most apps but blender has taken a lot longer to learn so anything to make things quick and simple is good i think.

  1. I would really like to have rig synoptic (I believe in XSI it is based on HTML code which is quite clever attitude).

  2. Having transform widgets fully functional back would be great. Now we do not have visual reference when using them, which is a pain especially when animating (e.g. gimbal lock is not obvious even we have gimbal mode widgets space).

Well I would love some simple 2d widgets, like rectangle , and point.
these could be useful as input for nodes(in image window then), in sequencer, or e.g. for placing background image in 3d view.

Next thing I would like is if the drawing of names of objects would work in the view, and also if there would be possibility to draw certain game properties directly in view.

Python-based UI support for SVG. Scalable icons would be awesome. Customising the UI with scalable icons, textures, colours, gradients, shadows, blends, transparencies etc. would make the Blender UI ultimately pimpable. Surely SVG would be useful for drawing complicated GUI elements? There are a number of open source SVG libraries available that run on top of OpenGL. Cairo and svgl for example. Could mock-up in Inkscape and implement SVG markup in Blender using Python?

Having read all the requests, I want to say 1 more thing:

I don’t want many of these things.
I’d love the interface to be unified and stable, that’s what I am looking for in production. Of course, I can think about many UI possibilities for various production cases, but I believe many can be unified under the hood of several simple but perfect concepts.
For example, regarding script interfaces, I think the allready provided options should be enough for most cases, I only lack some access to manipulators in the editor views.

I don’t want- shadows, flares, blurs, alpha - overlayed panels e.t.c.
From things which are allready there and I consider them non-functional is the little list view, which is used for materials, vcols, uvs e.t.c. Why? it’s small, badly searchable, space taking, and all these things could easily fit into outliner with the tree structure.

Maya like 3D view navigation tool would be good. I am too lazy to press numpad (1-3-7). :smiley: