I’m working on that as well. I did some other changes on the AddMidi original addon from JPfeP. There’s something only committed to my local Git, the ability to identify intervals, chords. If you want to contribute PM me :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m the sophomore theater lighting technician for my high school. And I have been looking into 3D lighting visualizers, but unfortunately those cost a butt load of money. So I thought that because I have quite a bit of experience with blender, but absolutely no experience with python, I could model my auditorium complete with accurate lighting rigs within the auditorium. So what I was wondering, is if I would be able to control the lights with the faders on the midi controller to turn the lights on and off. Also I was wondering if this plugin would work with blender 2.8.

Did you look into Fugio already?

OK, there will be definitely a 2.8 port. In fact there is already the one from iwkse. I tried it today and there was a problem with the new Preference Panel he added. I reverted his change to my way (prefs belonging to the project, not global in blender config) as a quick remedy. It seems the API has changed since he made the port. Anyway, was able to get something running, but I haven’t tested it really (no midi kbd on this machine).

@Awkward, what you want to do should work, at least I see no reason why it shouldn’t. But AddMIDI is still somehow experimental, and if the scene is complex and heavy I don’t know if it would be fine enough or start to lag. You have to make a test and see.

That’s fixed right now. I had changes on my local branch which were not on github, I’ve committed that, even if I want to add some more stuff though.

Hi iwkse.

I would like to discuss something with you. How can I message you privately?

Hi. Can this create a keyframed animation?

The new version for 2.8 I am working one can do this. It’s not yet ready however, but reaching an end soon, I hope. :slight_smile:

HI. I’m looking for a way to assign values shape keys via my midi controller. Will AddMIDI allow me to do this? I’m using 2.8 rc3 on a MacBook Pro. Thanks!

Yep, the successor of AddMIDI (and addOSC) for blender 2.8 allows to do that currently.

I would be interested, btw, in knowing if it works well with OSX. If you want to test it, drop me a message.

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Really looking forward to it!
I’ve got a faulty (sends jittery pitch data, despite not having a pitch wheel :smile: ) Novation Zero SL that I’m planning on bringing to work and using to control Blender with, so I’ll want to have AddMidi on 2.8 soon!

Just a little message to say that the new Add-on for Blender 2.8 I am working on to replace AddMIDI (called for now “MIDI, OSC and More”) is reaching a state where it can do useful things. It’s still a W.I.P, but you can test it if you want. The link is in the Download section of the documentation. (for the blog)

I will probably open a separate thread on B.A when I will be back from a short vacation.


hi @JPfeP great work :smiley:
i was looking to code something like that too but someone just told me of your work !
amazing !

just a quick question: can AddMIDI execute code or it only can interact with properties ? for example let’s say that i want a button of my midi controller to add suzanne and scale it by two, possible ?

It is possible if you define custom properties with an update function.

Then you can put what you want in the update function, that will be executed depending of the value just sent by the MIDI controller.

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A question: is it possible to use this addon to map a hardware gaming joystick to control the Fly Navigation mode in the viewport?

So what i mean is, i can fly (in first person view) with my camera through my scene, controlling it with a joystick instead of with the mouse or keyboard shortcuts.


No, it’s a different protocol, and even joystick and keyboard are probably handled differently depending of the OS. It’s not easy to cover all the situations.

I am working on a new project for Blender 2.8, which might introduce one day the support of a dedicated keyboard (need user configuration to isolate it from the main one). Joysticks support is tempting but python doesn’t talk natively to such devices. However, I am going to study this possibility.

BTW here is the new thread for the successor of AddMIDI:

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JPfeP thought I’d give you a mini heads up regarding the joystick controller. I’ve not tested something in blender yet, but did in C4D using the plugin called “DirectControl” which listens for active inputs via controller. It wouldn’t work natively, but there is an app for Android & iPhone called “PC Remote” which basically is for emulating a gaming controller for phones. It can be custom configured and have buttons, sliders, joysticks and button presses in any layout, as well as use the gyroscope & accelerometer as inputs. To get it to work I had to run “XInput” which converts any input into a format that windows natively sees as an Xbox controller input.

I’ve not yet found something that will do what DirectControl could, but if your app can listen out for XInput/midi then I think it would be possible. My use case was to create a helicopter/drone style flying experience in C4D which I managed, and also rigged up thinking particles to fire when a button was pressed on the phone. Something like that in blender would be amazing for concept and test scenes.

Please make this a paid addon and develop this further this has tremendous potential !
Using midi controllers as drivers


I noticed the OSX and Linux versions of the midi/osc addons… very nice! Is a Windows version available or in the works?

there is also a win version of addroute