addObject Actuator ( Difference between 2.41 and 2.45 )

I have been using Blender 2.41 since it was released but have recently updated to 2.45 to use the new filters that have just been intergrated.
Im having problems with the difference between the two versions addobject actuators- let me explain
An empty set up with an add object acuator can add an object and make it move simply by setting linV in the actuator. By repeatedly adding objects many appear next to one another. The added objects does not need to be actors and do not bounce off one another. They just follow their path that has been set and then dissapear when their time runs out. This is the behaviour i want in 2.45…
but when i do the same thing in 2.45 the added object just stays still. It will move if i make the added object an actor and fiddle with the settings by actor but it always behaves as though physics are working ie the added objects bounce off each other. Even if i set tehm to ghost mode.
How can i make the added objects in 2.45 behave as they did in 2.41, is there a nice big global switch that sets physics to “off”
Hope someone can help

Yeah, you can only use dLoc and dRot with non-dynamic added objects in 2.45. And they still havn’t fixed the ghost problem, it’s been around for a while.

thats crap.

ive just been reading over a possible way in which you go to uv face select mode-then the edit tab and then turn off collisions, but in 2.45 there is no uv face select mode?

so to paraphrase… is it possible to turn off collision’s per face in 2.45, i cant find an option anywhere- has it disapeared or is it just buried? Thanks

Yes, you can easily turn off collisions for faces (same as always: F9, F). But if an object is dynamic and there are no collision faces, then collision gets turned on for all faces. Also, a non-dynamic object without a single collision face won’t be affected by starting linV from an AddObject actuator.

glitchCORD~, the problem has nothing to do with the addObject actuator. The real problem is that you have not yet made the transition from Sumo physics 2.41 to Bullet physics in 2.45. In Bullet physics, you cannot use LinV without having physics enabled, because LinV is now an expression of simulated physical velocity being applied to an object. There are a lot of small changes like that, but after a couple of months you’ll get used to it.

Thanks for the info guys i managed to figure a roundabout way to achieve what i was after… In case anyone else finds it useful…
I set gravity to 0,0,0 through python then fiddled with the ''actor" buttons taking both mass and radius down to 0.01 and bumping up rotdamp and damp to full. This meant that when ever my central emitting shape fired multiple objects one after the other they rarely collided and so stayed on the course they were intended to go on… there always seems a roundabout way to get these things to work!