addObject Actuator gets slow when combined with a python script

as some of you might know I’m working on a line draw game to get better with python. In the game you have to draw a line around obstacles so a ball can roll over it from a start point to a finish point. I added an invisible plane that represents the area where you can draw your line. So the empty that I use as cursor checks if the mouse is over that plane and if lmb is pressed to add the line object.
My problem: when the script that checks if the mouse is over the invisible plane is activated, the addObject actuator on the empty that adds the line seems to work slower or the line objects (cones) aren’t added closer to each other than a specific distance. In a nutshell: When I draw the line, it consists of less line objects than without the whole drawing area thing and the line is interrupted very often. Without all of this I get a smooth line, as much more cones are added. Changing the LogicTicRate in a python script doesn’t help, but I already noticed, that if the line object is set to No Collision instead of Static, I don’t have the problem that the line isn’t smooth (but of course the problem that the ball falls through the line). So is there any way to change the object type from No Collision to Static via a python script? Or do I have to solve this problem in a completely different way?

Thanks in advance,