AddObject Issue - Loses Collision settings

Hi, ive been making a Shooting range game, im only my last piece of the puzzle and have come up against an issue, the problem consists of when i add and object through the edit object actator, the added object (Which is a clone of another object) loses its collision settings. The way i want it to work is by when i shoot the target at the back of the shooting range, more objects appear for me to shoot. I have done this by coping the intial target (whch works fine when i shoot it, it disappears like i want it to) then when the copy coes into play, it no longer reacts at all to the ray which i am using to act as a bullet in the game. It just keeps going round on its loop not reacting to the ray like the original version of the target did. So once i shoot the target the new object with the exact same settings as the original starts playing, the reaction to the ray just doesnt happen. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

I suggest to switch on Physics Visualisation to see if the new objects are present in the Physics and at the same position as you see it at the screen.

Maybe a simpified blend could help

Thanks for the qick reply, ive just managed to figure out the problem. However now a new problem has risen from this, now when i shoot the targets, if there is more than 1 on thee range at one time, then if i shoot one target they all disappear, is there any way of seperating the objects?

and apologies for that disgusting spelling and general illiterate appearance of my reply