addObject() questions

I’m trying to build a simple snake game but I’m struggling a little with the BGE.
I googled for hours with no luck. Here is my problem:

I’m trying to “duplicate” blocks when the snake hits a seed, using the following code

scene = bge.logic.getCurrentScene()

ob = bge.logic.getCurrentController().owner

novo = scene.addObject("Cube", "Cube", 0)

I tried some variations but I keep getting a smaller box than the original, seems like the “scale” is applied twice, once for the owner and again for the new box.
How can I solve that? I need an exact copy :spin:

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Make sure the “Cube” is not scaled?

Sounds good, there is a way to make the new scale the “default scale”? I mean, I need that size :frowning:

Thanks, I found it.

-> Apply scale (Ctrl+A in Object Mode)