[Addon] 40+ Pre-Animated Cinematic Camera Moves

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. This is my first time on Blender Artists so if this isn’t allowed I am sorry and please let me know, I can delete!

Just wanted to pass something over that might be of interest to 3D Animators, Motion Graphics Designers and Film Makers on this forum.

I have been working on a Blender Addon for the past few months called the ‘Cinepack’ – which is essentially a huge pack of Pre-Animated cinematic camera moves, over 40+ of them. Theses are moves typically used in Hollywood movies, music videos, motion graphics design etc and was designed to simply Drag ‘n’ Drop into your project so you don’t have to waste time creating complex camera moves yourself, saving time and money.

The Addon is on BlenderMarket for $35 and can be found here:

All the camera moves can be infinitely customisable and more are added to the pack each month.

If this can be of help to anybody out there please let me know, I would love to get this in the hands of the right people.

Kind regards,