[ADDON] a chess game reader / renderer (.pgn files) for review


here is an addon ready for review.
it allows to read a pgn chess game file, and to render it :


it’s themable too. I did this as a kind of BPY 2.5 first exercice for future things I’d like to port to 2.5 :rolleyes: feel free to inspect the code, I’m not quite sure I did the best way, any advice about it is appreciated.

technically the script should be entirely drivable from the console or from another script, I can publish the command if you wish. also it integrates a script that Atom did that allows to detect any ‘not detectable events’ yet like a frame change during a rendering.
and it proposes a way to handle with mass object generation (avoid the 001 002 etc, the ghost objects etc) thanks to the remove integrated function.

thanks for c&c. and thanks to send me pgn files that the script is not able to understand. the ‘en passant’ chess case should work but I don’t know yet :slight_smile:


omg… I missed something :
this will only work with pgn files that store one game, and not several. missed that… and the wiki pgn didn’t talk about that either :confused:

I don’t know if someone is interested but I made a patch about that here :slight_smile: :

so pgn files (like these ones) that contains a huge numbers of game are readable