[Addon] A set of simple curves

Python script written by me a set of simple curves for Blender

  • point
  • line
  • segment
  • angle
  • circle
  • ellipse
  • arc
  • sector
  • segment
  • rectangle with beveled corners possibility
  • rhombus
  • polygon
  • trapezoid

Added edit panel after creating the curve. It is possible to rotate, move the curve and return to editing the curve.

Added possibility to chamfer and fillet (round) vertex in curve.

Button ‘Fillet’ appears in the T panel. Need to select the vertex.

Added separation curve between two points of chosen preserving curvature.
After selecting points in edit mode, click ‘Divide’.

The script can take this link: [https://developer.blender.org/diffusion/BA/browse/master/add_curve_extra_objects/add_curve_simple.py]

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it may be usefull

Looks nice. Curve based primitives.

Oh yes please! I love making motion graphics from curves. Do they have animatable variables for sweep etc.

thanks,useful script.

Thank you for easier life :slight_smile:

Note: F6 panel doesn’t update menu if I change a type.

Thanks for the comments!

Corrected script. Test. The new script is on the same links.

If correction was related to my F6 note so there is not differences on my Mac, sorry.
I tried download script from both links.
Here is a screencast of behavior:

Nothing update panel F6 until I can not think.
Unfortunately this is a bug of the Blender.
Just need to press ESC and again press F6.
In other addons have the same problem.

Updating of the script!

Added possibility to chamfer the vertex and round out the vertex.

Button ‘Fillet’ appears in the T panel. Need to select the vertex.

F6 problem - is undo problem

would you make the offset or another tools?
потому что закругление чрезвычайно полезно и эффективно. спасибо.

Hmmm, that’s a shame, ESC and again F6 doesn’t seems to be a helpful workflow … OK I understand the problem is not on your side.

Thanks for Fillet. Good to see finally someone interested in curves progress …

Note: Does it supposed to be like that, that new script version generates open path instead closed ?
(Blender function call it Toogle Cyclic, Alt+C)

as we can see, it is, default open. I don’t realy like this approach, but baybe someone do…

@cwolf3d: have you seen the Curveaceous Galore script?

@nikitron: there was some offset add-on for curves already, I can’t find it right now…

Added the ability to round out simultaneously all selected vertex.

Also added a selection of the type of rounding.

Thanks for rounding :slight_smile:

My problem with this script is that it use only one type of handles at once (and only Vector and Auto).
That’s why script generates unwanted shape in bezier type for object type Arc, Sector, Segment.
Yellow is add-ons result, orange is my shape how does it should look like (from my opinion).

See blend - https://www.dropbox.com/s/1gaua7opjgrn6of/test-Addon-Curve-Simple.blend

Since these things has to be fixed manually the script doesn’t speed our workflow as much as it could.
Your first screen gives people feeling that object, for example “Sector”, is from three points, but object on your image use many control points for radius to be smooth.
That is not a benefit of any object as curve. Curve supposed to be as less control points as possible for object, right?.
Switch one central point to vector handle is not problem, but correct handles angle of start and end radius point is not such easy and moves speed of creation of this simple object into time nonprofit section.
That’s a shame.

Ellipse - Wouldn’t it be better to generate ellipse like stretched circle (orange on screen)?
Right now script generates the same length for each handle, that’s more oval than ellipse.

At the end - for me is this add-on (in this version) helpful for “Segment” kind of objects - to get exact angle and segment of circle in specific angle, that is terrible do manually.
And for rectangle too, that is frequently used.
(With current version of blender we need for rectangle insert circle, set to poly, rotate 45° and than finally start to change Width and Length. That is not really a speed way :slight_smile: .
Or insert mesh plane and convert to curve.
Its like to have only a plane (mesh) on a list without cube, because cube is just extruded a plane.
At the end, it’s faster create cube from plane than rectangle from curved circle :).
So, thank you very much for that :slight_smile:

Circle, Elipse, Rectangle, Rhomb are mostly the same, seems to me like it would be enough use only “Polygon” type with Width, Length, Angle and Rounded options.
But I can understand it could be easier for newbies …

Is there any reason why “Segment” generates for “b” part about one control point less?

Sorry for previous note about “Cyclic” option, it looks like I just didn’t notice there is a checkbox :slight_smile:

Fixed some bugs.
And I started a specific alteration of this addon.
I think generally refuse to support NURBS and POLY.
I will only work with BEZIER and to do all of the functionality.

On Filet: Chamfer and Round are inverted on my download. This would be a perfect addition to the movie clip editor’s Shift+A menu for masking. I’m not sure why I clicked on this thread but I’m glad I did. Thank you for some really good stuff.

Update script.

Completely rewrote the algorithm of the ellipse, arc, sector, segment.

Now using a minimum of control points.

Plus some corrections.