[AddOn] Action Loader

chiming in to say I too would love to see a 2.8 port for this gold


Hi guys, after me trying a bunch of times, I was lucky enough to have an actual pro porting Action Loader to blender 2.81. Thank you so much Ana for her awesome work, time and dedication to make this! It will definitly make my life easier on our next projects, hope you guys enjoy it too! Get it on the github page!



Hello, thanks so much to all people who worked on this Add On, it is very useful and urgently needed.
Not to criticize, but I have always wonder why a better Action Browser hasn’t been implemented in new blender versions.

The way that Actions are being treated has been exactly the same since Blender 2.4 when I started using Blender, same small pop up menu and that’s it ! It hasn’t been evolution in many many years. When we have many Actions it is a real pain to go through all of then.

Changing subject, the current Add On works nicely, however I noticed that setting the Auto range checkbox works randomly. Also the set between markers seems to delete the current markers in the Action and it does not set any frame range. I tested in Blender 2.82, could it be my system ?

Anyways, no big deal since rest of features work perfect !

Thanks to all !

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Yeah, as some other things in blender, actions are an awesome feature that are kind of obscured by the UI, luckly It was not hard to make this simple list, but it is definitely something that should be more accessible by default.

The autorange is not working consistently unfortunately, ill try to figure it out, for now, use the “Set Frame Range” when it fails to do automatic.
The markers are not working, I must disable that option, and people can just use the normal markers or action markers as they prefer.

Thanks for the feedback, really glad you are enjoying it.