[Addon] Advanced UI Menus

I wasn’t sure what to think when I started using it, but I’m really impressed with how streamlined it feels. I actually really like the fact that its context sensitive, as it takes me a while to read longer lists such as the Delete menu, but when it shows a context-sensitive list upon selecting vertices, it makes the list really easy to read and respond to. Thanks a lot for the plugin, I hope other menus get this treatment :3

Thanks Crocadillian. I’m glad you like it.
If you have any suggestions for menus you want, please post them and I will see what I can do. Currently I am working on a right click menu, but I will make it optional so you can have it either way.

Updated addon to 0.4a fixing a bug with the brush control menu.

One thing I think the pie menus do better than this is sticky key functionality. In radial menus, when you hold down the hotkey and release it when you’re hovering over an option you select it, making for a pretty quick workflow, without impacting the ‘classic’ way.
I’ll keep the addon enabled and try it out over the course of the day and let you know if any more feedback comes up!

In the tab menu, it would also be nice if it would place your cursor over the mode you came from. So when switching from edit to object and back, it’s just a single click, no thinking required.

edit: another area where this would be nice is snapping. shift-tab toggles snapping, ctrl-shift tab calls a menu with all the snapping options. Holding down shift-tab currently just toggles snapping on and off rapidly, which is useless. I would like to be able to set it up so that holding the button down calls the menu, and just pressing and releasing toggles snapping.

I love your “pie menu” Imaginer, it’s just what I want, simple and fast. thank you. it works very well

@venombite Thanks. I’m glad they can be of help to you.

I would like people’s opinions on if the old toggle functionality should be returned; either by having it so that the main keys toggle, and a new set of keys bring up the menus (e.g. Tab toggles edit and object mode, and ctrl-Tab calls the menu); or you have it so that tapping the key toggles, but holding the key brings up the menu. Thoughts?

thanks so much for your work Imaginer! I prefer your implementation over the pie menus. Great job!!

Your welcome. Thanks, and glad you like them.

I like Alternate Pie, but the Tab Shortcut mast be the Original, allways my Hand will touch the Tab Shortcut and i can t set the Original it was after every new start saving gone, and i find the LoopTools mast have a own Panel in Alternate.
I find this Programm better then Pie Menue it s Professionell with the Panels.

@Imaginer I really, really thank you so much for your effort and work!
Actually I tried out the Pie menu (the “original” one) and found it for my work a little inconvenient, as I did not benefit from the pie layout that much but I liked the given options. So I was about writing my own add-on, but a few days ago I found your thread and tried your one out and it works really fine for me!
You saved me a lot of time and nerves :wink:

But you also asked for toggling… Well, actually this was also something, what I disabled on the Pie menu (in the key maps), to not have the View Mode Menu when pressing ‘Tab’ since I am so used to the default way and find it really convenient (just my opinion). Same goes for proportional Editing. I like to press ‘O’ and have it enabled or disabled, either.
So I re-mapped your menu to pop up only when I want to change the properties.
Maybe this could be an option

But in general there is a “problem”, as (just my 2 cents ^^) I see such add-ons and menus not only as a fancy visual enhancement, but for its aim is also in speeding up work flows or to facilitate them. And especially in these ways it lets you run into repetitive key strokes, as you press ‘O’ to enable the Proportional Editing, then choose for the mode of enabling and then you have to press ‘O’ again to select the falloff type. I could not figure out, if there is maybe a way, to keep the menu open, after you’ve enabled the Prop Editing so that you can select the falloff type without bringing up the menu again.
Please, do not get me wrong - i am not complaining :slight_smile:
I just think, that the goal of speeding up a work flow is not achieved that way, since you are as quick by selecting that from the menu panel or by toggling through the types with Shift + O.
It’s not my goal to “criticize”, I am rather even willing to help the best I can. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words AltShiftCtrl-C I’m glad you like them. I have decided to have it so that tapping toggles between edit mode and the mode you’re currently in (first time toggles between object and edit mode) and holding for ~0.5 seconds brings up the menu.

I understand why you want the menu to stay open, I would like to have that for some things as well, but at the moment I don’t know how to do that or if it can even be done with the current menus. How about for now I make it so that pressing O toggles proportional editing in object mode (but still brings up the menu in edit mode), and holding O brings up the falloff curve menu?

I know you aren’t complaining :slight_smile: and I’m very grateful for the suggestions and comments.

Thank you, @Imaginer! :slight_smile:

That sounds really good, since you most likely just tap to toggle. Will be very useful - thank you!

Yes, I think, it is not possible the way the menu is built internally at the moment, but maybe it can be imported from the F6-dialogues that pop up, when you use certain tools or add a new object. But after some “research” I am not sure about this, since it seems, that these menus are not included in Python API, but rather in the core-code (in C/C++).

Also regarding the written before, maybe it would be possible to do it this way?
In the class “ProportionalEditingMenu” you define a case, when the class “FallOffMenu” should draw that falloff menu…
So my idea would be, to invoke the “FallOffMenu” automatically as a separate (new) menu when you choose any of the options that turn proportional editing on.
It should even of course keep the behavior to offer you the appended falloff menu when you bring up the “ProportionalEditingMenu” as it is now, but just (so my idea) you could create another “function” that does not append it (menu.add_item) to the existing menu, but invokes it as its own menu, with a separate draw function - just only, when you tapped ‘O’ the first time.
What I mean is a work around for the mentioned problem, that you want to turn on PropEd and choose the falloff in one step, but it’s hard to keep the menu open. So still do it in two steps, but the difference is, that this time the falloff menu appears automatically after turning any option on and since it will hardly possible to do it within the same draw function, just creating a new one, which is invoked on turning PropEd on, whilst when it is turned on already, your proposal to hold ‘O’ to bring up the falloff type seems to be a good way to do so. Would be also possible to override the Shift + O, or I could even think of different options.

For now I just want to deliver this kind of idea :slight_smile:
What do you think about it?

I see so much potential in your work and it will be a very good tool to assist in work flow!


@talocan LoopTools can already be accessed from the Specials(W) menu.

@Mighty Pea At the moment I don’t think I can do the release to select thing with the current menus in blender (if you know how to accomplish that then I will include it).

I have returned the toggle functionality to edit and wireframe menus, so switching from edit to object and back won’t be a problem any more. I didn’t know about the snapping menu, thanks. I’ll make it work like you said for the next release.

Version 0.9 Released!

After many months of work version 0.9 of Alternate Pies has been released.
This is a beta release, but everything should work. I urge you all to test it and if all goes well I will update it to 1.0 and see if I can get it into blender as an official addon. In particular I would appreciate it if someone could look at the license block in init.py and tell me if what I have included is suitable.

I apologize that I haven’t updated anything in a while, but I want to thank everyone who has helped and contributed suggestions etc… I would especially like to thank Radivarig on IRC for helping me past a couple of nasty problems that had been present from the beginning.

Happy Blending.

This is looking really good, thanks for the update. I’ll see if I can find any bugs ^-^.

Now it is great, Thx for your Update.
Best Wishes.

@Crocadillian and @talocan I’m glad you like it and that everything works. I guess no news is good news and that people haven’t found any major bugs.

I heard that the official Pies have an extrude menu, so that will be in the next version.

Updated addon to 0.9a adding an extrude menu.